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The Berry Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Farm

We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you at one of the wonderful farmer's markets where we sell our produce.

The Berry Dairy is a small produce business located 3 miles West of Marytown, near Lake Winnebago. It started out as a dairy farm and a small produce business, hence the name, "The Berry Dairy". Now it is a small produce business.

Joe and Rosi Faust are the owners and operators of The Berry Dairy. They really enjoy growing and selling their fresh vegetables and fruits and meeting all the people that come to the farmer's markets, be it customers or vendors.

They use soil conservation techniques and rarely use any chemicals. Joe and Rosi have always been aware of soil conservation and even won an award for it when they were dairy farming and selling produce.

The farmer's markets are where they sell the majority of their vegetables and fruits. People can order produce in larger quantities and arrange a date and time to pick up the produce. Or if you cannot make it to the farmer's markets, you are always welcome to arrange a pick up time right at The Berry Dairy.

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The Berry Dairy Produce Business is Owned & Operated By:

Joe & Rosi Faust


W1872 Highway HHH

Malone, WI 53049


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